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There are special classrooms spread out around campus that are sometimes referred to as Technology Classrooms.  In these rooms, there is a podium or a similar setup which contains a computer for PowerPoint presentations and a DVD/VCR combo unit for showing video. A ceiling mounted projector displays your information large enough for everyone to see.

The following rooms currently have this technology:

  • Chadderton Lab 101
  • Forker Lab 123
  • Forker Lab 132 (The Forum)
  • Forker Lab 207
  • Forker Lab 219
  • Lecture Hall 321
  • Lecture Hall 322
  • Lecture Hall 325
  • Library 103
  • Science Building 108
  • Sharon Hall 105
  • Sharon Hall 301
  • Sharon Hall 306
  • Sharon Hall 311

The following computer labs have the ability to display PowerPoint presentations:

  • Lecture Hall 326
  • Sharon Hall 303
  • Sharon Hall 312
  • Sharon Hall 314
  • Sharon Hall 317

In addition to this areas, there are 2 computer carts and an AV Rover that can be requested for any non-technology classroom for instructors who only occasionally use PowerPoint presentations. Contact the IT Department for more information or to request one of these carts.