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Free workshops  are occasionally offered to help students improve their academic performance.  If you would like to request a workshop in a particular area, please contact Learning Center personnel.

Workshops may include the following topics:

  • Active Learning & Active Listening

  • Critical Thinking

  • Faster Reading & Greater Comprehension

  • Getting the Most Out of Your Textbooks

  • Goal Setting & Decision Making

  • Learning Styles & Right/Left Brain

  • Memory Skills

  • Note Taking

  • Test Anxiety & Relaxation

  • Test Preparation

  • Time Management & Procrastination

  • Goal Setting & Decision Making


Credit coursesoffered through the Learning Center are also available to students:

English 005, a one-credit writing tutorial, provides professional, individualized instruction to students enrolled in English 004 and English 015.  Students meet with an English instructor twice a week for tutorial assistance with writing assignments. To enroll in the course, students should contact their advisor or Mrs. Julie Papadimas, Learning Center Director, at  724/983-2911.

Language and Literacy Education 005, a three-credit course designed to assist students in their transition to reading and studying at the college level.  Course content includes critical reading and comprehension skills, note taking, test preparation, and other skills essential to college success.  For more information, contact Mrs. Marjorie Thibodeau at 724/983-2912.