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Amber McConahy

Amber McConahy

Favorite thing about Penn State Shenango:

Two things stick out so I will elaborate on both. First, I loved the small setting. It gave me the opportunity to further my education without being overwhelmed by a large campus. Also, I enjoyed the personal attention that I received while at PSU Shenango. The faculty was extremely helpful and willing to answer or clarify any issues I encountered.

What are you doing now:

Currently, I am a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. I am working on a masters in software design and development and will complete my degree in August. Upon completion, I am hoping to re-enroll in a PhD program. Additionally, I am currently employed by Carnegie Mellon as a graduate teaching assistant in Object Oriented Programming in Java and Linux/Open Source.

Favorite Instructor and Why:

Lisa Bertin, of course, is my favorite instructor. She was instrumental in ensuring that I was successful at my studies. She was willing to take extra time to assist me when needed and even listened to any problems I was having whether or not they involved her. Additionally, I feel that her coursework adequately prepared me for graduate school and beyond.

Advice for students considering Penn State Shenango:

Never sell yourself short. Believe in yourself, and if you strive for success, things will fall into place. Don't hesitate and avoid completing your education. With a little persistence, anything is possible.

  • Major: 2IST Networking & 4IST Software Design & Development
  • Graduation Date: May 2009 & December 2009