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What is the LASCC Degree?

Most university degrees are narrowly focused within one academic discipline, and they entail a prescribed course of study that affords you little control.

The Letters, Arts & Sciences Commonwealth Campuses degree (LASCC) by contrast, is a 4-year bachelor's degree that is broad, interdisciplinary, and specifically designed by you and your advisor to meet your individual needs.

Thus the degree provides the best of both worlds: the broad liberal and education required of educated citizens and leaders, but also the more specific preparation employers seek.

Moreover, the degree emphasizes not only knowledge, but also skills that many employers and graduate schools are looking for, such as the ability to:

  • think critically
  • analyze and solve problems
  • work collaboratively
  • apply theory to real-world issues
  • find and evaluate information

For Additional Information, Contact:

Dr. Philip Nash,
LASCC Adviser
Email:  pxn4@psu.edu
Phone: 724-983-2978
Office:  310C Sharon Hall