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Networking Option

Recommended Academic Plan- Effective Summer 2003


First Year- Fall Semester Courses

  • ART (GA, 3 Credits)
  • ENGL 015 - Rhetoric and Composition** (GWS, 3 Credits)
  • IST 110- Introduction to Information Sciences and Technology (4 Credits)
  • IST 111S- Seminar in Information Sciences and Technology** (1 Credit)
  • MATH 021- College Algebra I (3 Credits)
  • Total Credits: 14

First Year- Spring Semester Courses

  • CMPSC 101 - Introduction to C++ Programming (GQ, 3 Credits)
  • HUMANITIES (GH, 3 Credits)
  • IST 220 - Networking and Telecommunications** (3 Credits)
  • IST 250 - New Media and the Web (3 Credits)
  • NATURAL SCIENCES (GN, 3 Credits)
  • Total Credits: 15

Second Year- Fall Semester Courses

  • CAS 100A - Effective Speech (GWS, 3 Credits)
  • IST 210 - Organization of Data (4 Credits)
  • IST 225 - PC Hardware Basics (3 Credits)
  • IST 226 - Networking Essentials (3 Credits)
  • IST 260W - Introduction to Systems Analysis and Design (3 Credits)
  • Total Credits:  16

Second Year- Spring Semester Courses

  • ENGLISH 202C or 202D - Effective Writing (GWS, 3 Credits)
  • GENERAL ELECTIVE (3 Credits)
  • SOCIAL SCIENCE (GS, 3 Credits)
  • IST 227 - Network Administration (3 Credits)
  • IST 228 - Advanced Network Administration (3 Credits)
  • IST 295B - IST Internship (1 Credit)
  • Total Credits:16

Bold indicates courses requiring a grade of C or better.

Italic indicates courses that satisfy both major and General Education requirements.

Italic Bold indicates courses requiring a quality grade of C or better and that satisfy both major and General Education requirements.

GWS, GHA, GQ, GN, GA, GH, and GS are codes used to identify General Education requirements.

US, IL, and US;IL are codes used to designate courses that satisfy University United States/ International Cultures.

W is the code used to designate courses that satisfy University Writing Across the Curriculum requirement.

Program Notes: As long as one Art (GA) and one Humanities (GH) and one Social Science (GS) are taken across the four semesters, the particular order in which these courses are taken is not relevant.

Academic Advising: A student's career/graduate school plans should be considered in developing an individual academic plan.

NOTE:  **Courses have a 4pm start time
Be sure to consult an advisor in this department when scheduling courses.