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2 + 2 Penn State Baccalaureate Degrees

The vast majority of Penn State's majors can be started at the Shenango campus for the first two years of study. We call it the 2 + 2 plan and it's a common path to a Penn State Degree. Learn more about the 2 + 2 programs at Penn State Shenango.


Four-year degrees offered at Penn State Shenango

Administration of Justice

The bachelor of science degree program in Administration of Justice helps provide its graduates with the communications and analytical skills critical to succeed in administration of justice and related careers. Through an interdisciplinary approach to the problems of crime and society, the program also equips students to pursue graduate study in Administration of Justice or related disciplines, and educates students to become effective problem-solvers as professionals in the field of administration of justice. Learn more about the Administration of Justice program.



The degree combines the theoretical underpinnings of core business disciplines, notably management, marketing, finance, and logistics, with applied study in a practical setting, especially the small-business climates across most of the Commonwealth. Learn more about the Business program.


Human Development and Family Studies

This degree enables students to prepare for professional, managerial, or scientific roles in health and human services professions, in public and nonprofit agencies, and in business and industry, as well as for advanced professional or graduate study. Learn more about the Human Development and Family Studies program


Information Sciences and Technology

In collaboration with the Beaver campus, students can pursue the Information Sciences and Technology (IST) degree program. The program focuses on building an understanding of core information technologies and related areas of study. It prepares students for the practical application of various information sciences and related technologies and engages students in sharpening their abilities to think critically and to work in teams. All of this is accomplished using considerable interdisciplinary integration to expose students to the cognitive, social, institutional, and global environments of IST. Learn more about the Information Sciences and Technology program.


Letters, Arts and Sciences

Letters, Arts and Sciences (LASCC) is a student-designed, multidisciplinary and theme oriented major. This major is not available to students who have already completed 91 or more credits. Learn more about the Letters, Arts and Sciences program.


Nursing for RNs

The RN to BS Nursing program helps prepare you to meet the many changes in the health care field by expanding and enhancing your nursing education. The program is open to registered nurses who have previously earned either an associate degree or a diploma in nursing. Learn more about the Nursing for RNs program.