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Michael Strange

Michael Strange

Hometown: Austintown, Ohio
Major: Business Marketing

I completed my internship with Sharon WaterFire. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to help bring this amazing multi-sensory event to our community.

WaterFire is a day-long festivity that brings the community together through art and culture. It culminates at dusk with the lighting of over 55 bonfires on the Shenango River. This event made for a truly one-of-a kind experience and brought an estimated 70,000 people to downtown Sharon over three events. Preparation for WaterFire was one of the most incredible and rewarding experiences of my life. I was able to see how this event was built from the ground up and was able to be a vital piece of that puzzle.

My Business classes at Shenango prepared me to get a step ahead because many ideas and techniques we learned I applied in my internship. What I learned has helped me immensely both in and outside of the classroom. My internship experience has been a huge career developing tool as well. I have met people who are both incredible references and potential employers when I finish my degree.

I encourage you to put Shenango at the top of your college search list. Our campus is truly inspiring and it is an incredible place to get a world-class education.