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Parking Lots and Assignments

LOT A        Penn Ave.                               Faculty-Staff Lot
LOT B        Penn Ave./ Rose St.               Student Lot
LOT C        Penn Ave./ Silver St.              Student Lot
LOT D        Shenango Ave.                       Maintenance-Student Lot
LOT E        Shenango Ave.                       Student Lot
LOT F        Behind Library                         Open Lot
LOT E        Shenango Ave/Vine Ave.        Student Lot
LOT G       Vine Ave./ Reno St.                 Student Lot

Parking is provided in the parking lots across from Forker Laboratory on Penn Avenue or on Shenango Avenue by permit only.

Parking Policies

Permits must be properly displayed as noted below. Exceptions must be approved by the Business Office in advance.

Parking permits for all students using University-owned parking lots are available at no charge and may be obtained in the Business Office (214SH). To receive a permit, students must have their vehicle license number available and complete a “Vehicle Registration form.” Vehicles without current permits will be ticketed and/or towed.

  • Motorcycles – Permit should be affixed to right front fork, a plate attached to the crash bar located on either the right or left side just behind the front tire of your motorcycle, or on a plate attached to the license plate bracket. The serial number should run vertically and be clearly visible.
  • Automobiles – Permit should be hung from the interior rearview mirror, facing forward. If no rearview mirror, contact the Parking Office.

AVI Tags - Mount tags on the upper center of the windshield, on the driver's side of the rearview mirror mounting post, below the tint strip.

See the Business Office in 214 on the second floor of Sharon Hall for all permits and Visitor's Parking Passes.