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The purpose of the Student Activity Fee is to provide funds to improve the co-curricular environment for undergraduate and graduate students. As part of this action, the President of the University agreed to the following guiding principles:

  • Revenue raised will remain at the campus on which it is generated.
  • Revenue should not replace current Student Affairs general funds activities money.
  • Money generated by the fee should be used for student activities and issues.
  • The student activity fee will not be folded into general tuition funds. 
  • The funds raised should be allocated by an appropriate student committee or organization on each campus. At Shenango campus, it is a student run committee under the auspices of the director of Student Affairs.
  • Any increase beyond an inflation adjustment will occur only after the approval of the students as appropriately organized at that time.
  • The use of this fee should be public knowledge and made available to students.

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