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Penn State Shenango Police are full-time, professional University police officers who are on campus on weekdays from 7:00am-11:00pm. A security officer will be available on Saturday, 7:00am-7:00pm, during the months of June through August, and will be available on Saturday and Sunday, 7:00am-7:00pm, September through May. The department's primary goal is to ensure the safety of all campus community members. Below you'll find some of the services and programs provided by the Penn State Shenango police.

Emergency Call Boxes

Call boxes are located outside the front doors of the B&B Building (PTA Building). In the event that you need to speak to a police officer and no one is in the Police Services office (Sharon Hall 209), please call the University Police phone at 724-866-0250.

Escort Service

For students, staff, and faculty working late on campus, campus police can escort you to vehicles, and an officer will be glad to ensure that you arrive safely at your on-campus destination.

Medical Assistance

All Shenango police officers are certified in first aid for medical emergencies.

Reporting a Crime

University Police investigate any crime that occurs on campus. If you see a crime in progress or if you're a crime victim, please contact University Police at 724-866-0250 or call 911.

Vehicle Assistance

In the event you experience frozen locks, lock your keys in your vehicle, or need a jump start, our campus officers will be happy to help you.