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Instructions During a Bomb Threat

If you receive the bomb threat by telephone:

  • Immediately record the time of the phone call
  • Obtain as much information as possible from the caller, and utilize the issued bomb threat telephone card.
  • Notify University Police
  • University Police will contact the Chancellor
  • The Chancellor or a designee will decide whether to evacuate the building(s)

In the event the building(s) is/are evacuated, follow the standard evacuation procedure.

If the building(s) is/are evacuated, University Police will:

  • Notify all building occupants of the threat and tell them they are free to leave the building, if they wish
  • Post bomb threat warning signs on all doors of the building(s)
  • Follow the bomb threat procedure in accordance with University Policy SY-18 and University Police Policy and Procedure Manual No. 149