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Vision Statement: The Pennsylvania State University Learning Centers will be a nationally recognized model of an active and collaborative learning community providing personalized assistance and resources to support students in their learning.


The Penn State Shenango Learning Center adheres to the guidelines for all centers throughout the Penn State system.

A professional setting with an atmosphere conducive to learning, the Learning Center offers academic assistance to students by stressing active collaboration through cooperative learning.

Professional and peer tutors as well as computer-assisted instruction provide a means by which students can thrive and excel in an academic environment to achieve their educational goals.

Stop by or call for an appointment at 724-983-2910. Hours of availability vary each semester.


Hours are posted on the Learning Center door and on the campus television monitors.

The Learning Center is located across from the Bookstore in McDowell Hall and offers free tutoring. Specific hours in various subjects will be posted inside. According to demand, tutors may be requested in subjects not listed.