Administration of Justice

Administration of Justice

In today's world we are facing some of the most serious social problems ever faced by society, including how to effectively deal with crime in a rapidly changing world. Today's students are tomorrow's front line protectors and policy makers. They are tomorrow's professionals who will ultimately walk the fine line between crime control and due process. It is a commendable and challenging pursuit for young, passionate minds.

The Bachelor of Science degree program in Administration of Justice helps provide its graduates with the communications and analytical skills critical to succeed in administration of justice and related careers. Through an interdisciplinary approach to the problems of crime and society, the program also equips students to pursue graduate study in Administration of Justice or related disciplines, and educates students to become effective problem-solvers as professionals in the field of administration of justice.

The study of administration of justice is approached as an applied interdisciplinary science, teaching students both the theoretical and the practical aspects of crime control and the administration of justice. The Administration of Justice curriculum provides students with the opportunity and assistance to acquire knowledge of the roles of policing, courts, laws, and corrections as they relate to both the adult and juvenile justice system. Students also gain knowledge of the history, concepts, and critical issues related to the role of gender and race/ethnicity in the criminal justice system, victimology, and ethics in administration of justice.

The curriculum further provides a theoretical foundation of the discipline, combined with a thorough understanding of the scientific method as it applies to administration of justice. This combination is expected to sharpen the student's talents of reasoning and judgment; qualities imperative to rational functioning in administration of justice and related professions.

For a B.S. degree in Administration of Justice (AJSCC), a minimum of 123 credits is required.

Penn State Shenango, Penn State Beaver and Penn State New Kensington jointly deliver the Bachelor of Science Degree in Administration of Justice. All required courses are offered at each campus, although students should expect to take some courses via interactive video and/or the Web.

Advanced Study

Through an interdisciplinary approach to the study of problems of crime and society, the University College Administration of Justice program aims to equip students to pursue graduate study in legal studies, administration of justice, or public administration.