Accounting or Finance (2+2)

Accounting or Finance (2+2)

The 2+2 option in our Business Program allows students to begin study for their Bachelor Degree in Business at the Penn State Shenango campus. After two years building their business foundation, students wishing to pursue either the Accounting of Finance options can transfer to another Penn State campus to complete their degree. This option permits students to stay close to home and limit their expenses and student loans while pursuing a four-year degree.

Accounting or Financial Services Options

Both the Accounting and the Financial Services options are the perfect choice for students who aspire to work in business services, especially the financial sector. The curriculum prepares students for a fast-paced and ever-changing workplace. Students aren’t reviewing outdated case studies; they’re developing solutions to real-world problems. They learn to collect and analyze financial data, think critically, and communicate effectively. The scope of the major ensures that graduates are marketable and well-rounded.

Because accountants and financial analyst are essential to an organization’s financial health, they continue to be in demand. The hiring outlook is positive in the Pittsburgh region and beyond, with employment in these fields expected to grow faster than average over the next several years.

For more information about these and other 2+2 program at Penn State Shenango, please contact the Admissions Office.