Backup and Disaster

Backup and Disaster

General Overview

This contingency management plan describes the methods and procedures to be used by Penn State Shenango in order to safeguard and restore data center operations, in the event of a disaster.

Specific Policy Guidelines


  1. Full disk backups are performed on a daily basis on administrative servers.
  2. Incremental backups are performed on a weekly basis on administrative servers.
  3. Backup procedures are to be automated to the extent possible so that a substitute staff member can submit the backups when necessary.
  4. Each backup procedure will generate a log file, which can be inspected on a daily basis to determine the success or failure of the backup.
  5. There will be a primary and backup staff member assigned to perform the system backups for each system. Both the primary and backup staff member will inspect the backup log on a daily basis to verify the success of the backup and troubleshoot hardware and/or software problem related to the backup procedures.
  6. A short written log of each backup performed will also be maintained in the computer room to provide rapid access to tape information.

Backup Storage

  1. Daily backup tapes consist of tapes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
  2. Weekly backup tapes consist of tapes E, F, G, and H. These tapes are rotated every Friday. This gives the Administrator the ability to retrieve data as far back as four weeks at any given time.
  3. Daily backup tapes are stored in the server room in Sharon Hall 307 to provide rapid access for restores. Only the IT staff and security can access this room.
  4. Weekly backup tapes are stored in a fire proof safe in Sharon Hall.
  5. A weekly full backup is performed to an off site machine every Saturday morning.

User Backup Responsibilities

  1. Users are responsible for backing up data on their workstations. This can be done by saving to a flash drive, CD-RW, or the local network. If you need assistance backing up files please contact the IT office at 724-983-2932.

Disaster Recovery

  1. All administrative servers are powered by an Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) which can maintain full power to all equipment for approximately 45 minutes. If the server senses that the batteries become low in power it will initiate a shut down sequence to insure no data is lost.
  2. Sets of the last six weeks’ full disk backup are maintained in the fireproof safe located in Sharon Hall. These tapes are rotated on a weekly basis.
  3. Users that need to recover lost data must contact the IT office, 724-983-2932, and give the name of the file, the date it was last modified, and the location of where the file was stored.