Projects to Support

Projects to Support

Through generous contributions, donors can support Penn State Shenango activities. Please contact Allison Engstrom at for information on these and other programs you can support.  

Faculty Programs

Support our faculty by creating a Faculty Chair or Professorship. Penn State Shenango is particularly well-served by its faculty. The 33 full-time faculty members are well-established and experts in their fields of study. Find Out how you can support their efforts! 

Global programs

Penn State Shenango proudly boasts its active participation in the Penn State International Studies Programs. We provide students with a variety of opportunities to study in foreign countries for varying periods of time, including an annual alternative spring break trip. Our objective is to offer our students a broader education than can be obtained through classroom experiences. 

Honors programs

Penn State offers two honors programs to enrich and broaden the education of academically superior students: the Campus Honors Programs and the Schreyer Honors College. Both present talented and industrious students with more challenging studies better suited to their abilities and interests. 

Undergraduate research

The faculty and staff at Penn State Shenango are committed to making research a key component of the undergraduate educational experience. Support for undergraduate research endeavors can help these students make the most out of the opportunity.


New Student Orientation gives new students the opportunity to learn more about academic life as well as student life. Students get a chance to meet faculty and staff who can give crucial tips to succeed.  

High school programs

Penn State Shenango offers dual enrollment to high school students at a 50 percent tuition reduction per credit hour. This enables students to get a jump on their college careers by earning college credits while still in high school. 

Programs for senior citizens 

Penn State Shenango offers programs for senior citizens, including Go-60, which allows area seniors to take classes for free.

Veterans programs

The Veterans Resource Center provides a safe, supportive environment for student veterans to help ensure a successful transition from the military to college.