Penn State Shenango Alumni Society

Penn State Shenango Alumni Society

Our mission is to:

  • Stimulate the continued interest of all graduates and former students of the Shenango campus.
  • Support student enrollment and the campus through scholarships and special project funding. 
  • Act as an informal advisory board to the chief administrative officer of the campus. 
  • Provide additional avenues for identification, contact and representation of alumni within the Penn State Alumni Association and each society. 
  • Provide a means whereby alumni may join together for the enrichment of their respective colleges and the University in its entirety. 

2015-2016 Alumni Society Membership


Nicki Biles '94 

Vice President
Carl A. Sizer III '11 

KarenProtiva '98, '09 

Board Members

Karen Augustine 

Sam Bernstine 

Molly Bundrant 

Maggie Ference 

Heather Gill 

Jessie Jones 

Tim Jones 

Kelvin Jordan 

Jennie Kemper 

Chrissy Multari 

Tom Roskos 

Joe Santell 

Chris Scherer 

Danielle Schmidt 

Kristen Serna 

Brandon Vuich 

Debbie Wachter 

Associate Members 

Aaron Bernstine 

Illia Bernstine 

Tracy Bornick 

Frank Connelly 

Caroline Crawford 

Jim Crawford 

Rick Herman 

Chuck Hinds 

Rob Hollada 

Lori Mikulas 

Doug Scherer 

Mark Spanos 

Karen Stephenson 

Leslie Tomko 

Arvin Weisburg 

Ex-Officio Members 

Penn State Shenango Director of Development and Alumni Relations
Allison Engstrom 

Lawrence County Alumni Chapter President
Bucky Richards 

Mercer County Alumni Chapter President
Alan Endicott 

Youngstown Alumni Chapter President
Gerry Riccuitti