Alternative Spring Break

Alternative Spring Break

Spend Spring Break 2017 in Belize

March 4-12, 2017

The Alternative Spring Break Program (ASB) is an opportunity to explore complex social and cultural issues through community visits, experiential learning, direct service, group discussion, readings, and reflection activities. This year the trip will be to Belize.

Registration is closed at this time. If you have questions or concerns, please stop in the Student Affairs Office, 103 Sharon Hall.


Student Affairs works hard on receiving various grants for this trip. Students in the past have been asked to contribute up to $900. Fundraising opportunities are available to help offset the student's portion of the cost.

ASB Class

Students going on the trip will be required to take a class in spring 2017. The course number will be provided to all students who have been selected to attend. 


Contact Jammie Clark in the Student Affairs Office, 724-983-2838.