Campus Directory

Name Email Role Office Location
Abram-Diroll, Evaline
Staff Assistant, Occupational Therapy Assistant Program
102 Chadderton Lab, 724-983-2890
Amrhein, Valerie
Lecturer, Occupational Therapy Assistant Program
Andrews, Elaine
SHARC Coordinator
Assistant Director, Academic Affairs
Lecturer, English
205 Sharon Hall, 724-983-2827
Angood, Lynette
Lecturer, Math
Atterholt, Roxanne
Instructor, Human Development and Family Studies
102 McDowell Hall, 724-983-2953
Baros, Brandi
Safety and Environmental Health Specialist, Environmental Health and Safety
208A Sharon Hall, 724-983-2834
Bernatowicz, Brenda
Northwest Outreach Regional Director, Ag Cooperative Extension
215 Sharon Hall, 724-983-2888
Bertin, Lisa
Senior Instructor, Business
318 Sharon Hall, 724-983-2908
Bobbie, Patty
Bookstore Manager, Bookstore
McDowell Hall, 724-983-2852
Brenneis, James
Instructor, Math
213 Sharon Hall, 724-983-2957
Brewer, Steven
Assistant Professor, Administration of Justice
106 McDowell Hall, 724-983-2954
Brown, Claudia
Instructor, Human Development and Family Studies
101 McDowell Hall, 724-983-2979
Brown, Madonna
Administrative Support Assistant, Chancellor's Office
218 Sharon Hall, 724-983-2901
Bucciarelli, Paul
Lecturer, Supply Chain Management
Budris, Anthony
Public Safety Manager, University Police
209 Sharon Hall, 724-983-2824
Burns, Erin
Reference Librarian, University Libraries
101C Lartz Memorial Library, 724-983-2883
Cain, Anthony
Maintenance Worker, Building Operations
133 Forker Lab, 724-983-2819
Carrick, Jo Anne
Campus Director, Chancellor's Office
218 Sharon Hall, 724-983-2901
Ciszek, Matthew
Associate Librarian, University Libraries
101B Lartz Memorial Library, 724-983-2880
Clark, Jammie
Assistant Director of Student Affairs, Student Affairs
103D Sharon Hall, 724-983-2838