Campus Directory

Name Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Shawn O'Neill
Financial Aid Coordinator, Student Aid
225F Lecture Hall 724-983-2804
Ostrowski, Diane
Lecturer, College of Nursing
Tony Paglia
Campus Counselor and Disability Coordinator, Counseling and Disability Services
207B Sharon Hall 724-983-2841
Patterson, Rebekah
Lecturer, Administration of Justice
Pernotto, James
Lecturer, Art
Petricini, Tiffany
Lecturer, Communications
Amy Petrucci-Effinite
Academic Advising Manager, Academic Advising
Faculty Advising, Arts and Architecture (2+2 option)
Faculty Advising, Division of Undergraduate Studies
Faculty Advising, Earth and Mineral Sciences (2+2 option)
Faculty Advising, Education (2+2 option)
Faculty Advising, Health and Human Development (2+2 option)
Faculty Advising, Psychology (2+2 option)
Faculty Advising, Smeal College of Business (2+2 option)
201B Sharon Hall 724-983-2861
Pettitt, Angela
Assistant Teaching Professor, English
310D Sharon Hall 724-983-2911
Philson, William
Lecturer, History
Piccirilli, James
Lecturer, Music
Piccirilli, Michael
Lecturer, Occupational Therapy Assistant Program
Andy Puleo
Student Services Associate, Student Affairs
103B Sharon Hall 724-983-2828
Bruce Rayner
Information Technology Generalist, Information Technology
202 Sharon Hall 724-983-2931
Renninger, Paula
Lecturer, Nursing
Jay Roberts
Facilities Supervisor, Building Operations
214B Sharon Hall 724-983-2819
Rodriguez-Febus, Meirel
Lecturer, Spanish
Rudge, Frank
Lecturer, Business
Rudge Jr, William
Lecturer, Philosophy
Saltz, Ira
Professor, Business
309A Sharon Hall 724-983-2948
Schuster, Joneen
Instructor, Psychology
309D Sharon Hall 724-983-2965