Staff Directory

Staff Directory

Academic Advising

Amy Petrucci-Effinite, Academic Advising Manager
Billie Jean Horvath, Academic Advisor
Wilma White, Staff Assistant

Academic Affairs

Elaine Andrews, Assistant Director of Academic Affairs
Melissa Fowler, Administrative Support Assistant


Daniel Pinchot, Director of Enrollment
Charles Greggs, Associate Director of Enrollment Services
Megan Villers, Enrollment Services Specialist
Shawn O'Neill, Financial Aid Coordinator
Tami Jones, Administrative Support Assistant

Ag Cooperative Extension

Brenda Bernatowicz, Northwest Outreach Regional Director
Glenda Fulkman, Administrative Assistant


Patty Bobbie, Bookstore Manager
Kelly Spence, Bookstore Staff Assistant

Building Operations

Jay Roberts, Facilities Supervisor
Anthony Cain, Maintenance Worker
Kurt Karver, Maintenance Mechanic
Lawrence Titus, Maintenance Worker
Lorraine Jacob, Maintenance Worker
Mark Erdesky, Maintenance Mechanic
Richard Willis, Maintenance Worker
Roger Kwiatkowski, Maintenance Mechanic
Scott Dobos, Maintenance Worker
Valerie Lonsinger, Maintenance Worker

Business Services

William Dungee, Director of Business and Finance Services
Catrina Messett, Administrative Support Assistant
Geri Stefanovsky, Human Resources Assistant
Renee Neil, Financial Coordinator

Campus Director's Office

Jo Anne Carrick, Campus Director
Madonna Brown, Administrative Support Assistant

Career Services

Heidi Friedrich, Career Counselor

Counseling/Disability Services

Tony Paglia, Campus Counselor and Disability Coordinator 

Development and Alumni Relations

Allison Engstrom, Advancement and Giving Specialist

Environmental Health and Safety

Brandi Baros, Safety and Environmental Health Specialist

Food Services

Jessica Gerkey, AVI Foodsystems Manager 
Clarissa Boatright, AVI Staff
Patricia Heasley, AVI Staff

Human Resources

Stephanie Ryan, Regional Human Resources Director

Information Technology

Gregory Singer, Information Technology Manager
Bruce Rayner, Information Technology Generalist
Lukas Farrell, Computer Specialist

Occupational Therapy Assistant Program

Evaline Abram-Diroll, Staff Assistant

Physical Therapy Assistant Program

Judy McNally, Staff Assistant

Police Services

Anthony Budris, Public Safety Manager
Brian McBride, Public Safety Officer
Joseph Izzo, Public Safety Officer
Travis Young, Public Safety Officer


Matthew Goral, Registrar

Student Affairs

Jammie Clark, Assistant Director of Student Affairs
Andy Puleo, Student Services Associate
Stacy Gongloff, Administrative Support Assistant

University Libraries

Matt Ciszek, Associate Librarian
Erin Burns, Assistant Librarian
Deborah Kiniry, Information Resources and Support Specialist

University Relations

Liz Izenas, Public Relations Specialist
Erika Jones, Administrative Support Assistant