Sexual Assault Emotional Support Services

Sexual Assault Emotional Support Services

After a traumatic experience several concerns may emerge:

  • A variety of strong emotions, including fear, anxiety, depression, guilt, disorientation, powerlessness, shame, shock, disbelief, embarrassment, denial, or anger.
  • A number of physical problems, including sleep disturbance, nausea, stomach problems, change in eating habits, and nightmares
  • Feeling confused and alone and wondering how to tell family and friends

Even though the assault may have occurred a while ago, there is a need to talk to someone about what happened. Whatever the feelings may be, there are support services available to help.

On-Campus Emotional Support

A campus personal counselor is available for counseling appointments and can assist in off-campus referrals for specialized support services for victims of sexual assault.

Sessions with a campus student personal counselor are completely confidential unless the student identifies that they are a danger to themselves or someone else.

Counseling services are available on campus by appointment.