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Amish upbringing influences Shenango graduate

Raised in an Amish community in Pennsylvania until the age of 23, Linda Byler, a 4.0 student who graduated from Penn State Shenango in December 2015, knew at a very young age that she would leave the old-order sect to pursue her dreams and live a life that included more than what limited options were available to her.
Penn State Shenango alumna Linda Byler poses at the Shenango Nitany Lion Shrine during a visit to the campus.

Penn State Shenango Alumna Linda Byler

Penn State Shenango Alumna Linda Byler at the Nittany Lion Shrine

an Amish farm

Amish farm

Shenango alumna left her Amish family to pursue a career.

an Amish farm

Growing up Amish

Penn State Shenango alumna Linda Byler says leaving her Amish home to pursue an education was one way of staying true to herself.
Atterholt, instructor in HDFS, with Luchette, senior HDFS major, at Behrend's research conference

Shenango senior takes first place at Penn State Behrend's research conference

Penn State Shenango Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) senior Jack Luchette took first place at Penn State Erie, The Behrend College – Sigma XI 23rd annual Undergraduate Student Research and Creative Accomplishment Conference on Saturday, April 12. His poster abstract was titled β€œChildhood Neglect as a Predictor of Violent Behavior.”