Thanking Your Donor

Thanking Your Donor

Scholarships at Penn State Shenango are sponsored by donors who believe that Shenango students can make a difference in the world.

These donors' gifts help to pay for a student's education, although usually the donor doesn't know the student they're assisting. In return, students owe their benefactors nothing but gratitude.

Shenango scholarship recipients are expected to acknowledge their benefactors with a thank-you note. All donors greatly appreciate hearing from their scholarship recipients and are truly interested in knowing about the student's interests and progress. When donors know their contributions are making a difference in the lives of students, they're encouraged to continue their financial support through ongoing scholarships and awards.

Suggested outline


Dear [Donor's Name - Use Dr., Mr., Mrs., Mr. and Mrs., Ms., etc. - Do not use first names.],

Paragraph 1: Thank your donor for his/her/their generosity in providing you with funds and tell the donor how this scholarship makes a difference in your education.

Paragraph 2: Tell the donor where you're from, what major you've chosen, and why you chose to attend Shenango campus.

Paragraph 3: Talk about your plans for the future after graduating.

Paragraph 4: Thank the donor again.


[Your name and signature]