GO-60 Program for Senior Citizens

GO-60 Program for Senior Citizens

The Penn State Shenango GO-60 Program is an academic program that allows any individual age 60 to participate in one of the programs described below.

Program 1: Traditional GO-60 (open choice of courses)

GO-60 participants who are Pennsylvania residents can register for any course listed on the Penn State Shenango course schedule depending on space availability. Note that you may only register for classes on the first day of the semester. Also, registration is limited to no more than two courses per semester.

Program 2: Recommended Courses for Volunteerism

Senior Academic Volunteer Initiative (SAVI)

SAVI participants will enroll in four courses relevant to their understanding of human development, information technology, social service and the community at large. The courses listed below are intended to provide the participant with a higher level of competency when choosing to volunteer in a variety of human services agencies. The courses cover important theory and research in human development, interventions and services, professional ethics, and better understanding of social problems.

Fall Semester

HDFS 129: Introduction to Human Development and Family Studies 
Introduction to psychosocial and family development at all stages of the individual and family life cycle.

HDFS 311: Human Development and Family Studies Interventions 
Survey of individual and family formal and informal intervention efforts; historical and current perspectives and approaches.

Spring Semester

HDFS 301: Values, Ethics in Human Development Professions 
Examines bases for choices among values in personal and professional relations in human development processes and supporting services.

Soc 005: Social Problems 
Current social problems such as economic, racial, and gender inequalities; social deviance and crime; population, environmental, energy, and health problems.

Additional Information

All GO-60 participants must complete an orientation that will provide them information on Penn State Principles; our student Code of Conduct; and technology training to access their course information, email, and learning resources available at the campus. Dates and times for orientation will be provided to you when you register for your class. 

GO-60 students are also required to pay a technology fee.  The fee is set by the University and may change from year-to-year and is pro-rated based on the number of credits you register for per semester.