Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations

Channel your passion for technology with our hands-on program

Cybersecurity is a rapidly expanding field that combines information technology skills with risk management and cyber defense techniques.

As one of the quickest expanding industries at 33% growth, information security analysists are reporting a lucrative $103,590 median salary.

You will gain the knowledge and skills needed to assess and respond to modern information security threats using advanced approaches that utilize computer systems, networks, programming, and data.

You’ll love the Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations major if…

  • You enjoy working on computers, operating systems, and applications
  • You want to protect digital information, data stores, and computer networks from threats
  • You want to learn cyber defense strategies used to anticipate, recognize, and defend against computer attacks
  • You are excited to join a rapidly growing industry and earn an impressive salary
  • You're passionate about keeping sensitive information out of the hands of hackers, cybercriminals, and terrorist organizations
  • You enjoy working on a team to solve technical problems
  • You are interested in business, computer programming, and mathematics

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Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations career opportunities

Penn State Cybersecurity graduates are in high demand by top companies and government agencies. The technical expertise, communications skills, and business savvy our program focuses on will train you to have the versatility employers want. Many jobs in the security sector have higher-than-average growth and salary rates, with flexibility and high levels of job satisfaction.

Cybersecurity analysist

Become a trained professional who specializes in network and IT infrastructure security. Cybersecurity analysts thoroughly understand cyberattacks, malware, and the behavior of cybercriminals, and actively seek to anticipate and prevent these attacks.

Cyberthreat adviser

Consultants play both the attacker and the defender in computer systems, networks, and software programs. These advisers identify weaknesses and how to strengthen systems to prevent hackers from exploiting vulnerabilities.

Infrastructure analyst

Organize and oversee the life cycle and maintenance of information technology computer infrastructure, including servers, storage, and systems management components.

Security engineer

In this role, you will work to incorporate security precautions into an information system so that the controls become an integral part of the system’s operational capabilities.

Cyber defense forensic analysist

Analyze digital evidence and investigate computer security incidents to develop useful information in support of system and network attack prevention.

Continuing your education

In addition, earning your Cybersecurity degree at Penn State can lead to a master's or doctoral degree in the areas of cybersecurity, informatics, information systems, and information science.

Student working on code at computer

What to expect in the Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations major

Penn State’s Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations prepares students to meet the growing need for professionals who can defend against threats to digital information and assets by blending technical expertise with intrapersonal skills to communicate critical information to a variety of audiences.

You will be trained in the areas of information science, management, statistics and data analysis, human behavior and psychology, as well as law and policy to become a dynamic member of professional technology teams.

Throughout the program you will develop:

  • Knowledge of cyber defense technologies, tools, and processes
  • Skills to analyze and communicate cybersecurity analytics
  • Understanding of how to complete a cyber risk analysis and how to mitigate concerns

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Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations major courses

Review the full Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations course listing for additional requirements and a sample of the program’s structure.

Introduction to Application Development

You will learn the application development concepts of problem solving, application testing and debugging, computer organization, and the basics of operating systems. This is a hands-on, practical course designed for students without prior computer programming experience who will use computer languages and tools to develop applications in their later courses and future careers.

Introduction to Security and Risk Analysis

Become familiar with the areas of security, risk and analysis through real case studies related to cyberterrorism, bioterrorism, and critical infrastructure protection. This course will also touch upon social and legal issues, risk analysis and mitigation, crime intelligence and forensics, and information warfare and assurance.

Cyber-Defense Studio series of courses

These four studio courses teach hands-on cyber-defense skills related to configuring firewalls, implementing host-based intrusion detection software tools, using the Metasploit tool to do penetration testing, and implementing network intrusion detection tools.

Cyber Incident Handling and Response

Develop the background, experience, and perspective that is required to document organizational preparation for cyber incidents, cyber incident impacts and resolutions, response strategies, as well as integrating security planning into the organization.

Computer and Cyber Forensics

Explore different aspects of computer and cybercrimes, as well as ways to uncover, protect, exploit, and document digital evidence. You will use new tools (both software and hardware), techniques and procedures, and be able to use them to perform rudimentary forensic investigations.

Student talking to recruiter at job fair

Gain Cybersecurity experience before you graduate

Our Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations program is designed for you to complete an internship in your senior year that facilitates the application of your classroom learning in a field setting.

This opportunity is designed to provide students with firsthand experience with both challenges and rewards of the business professional in our local communities, a design that sets the major apart from other technology programs in the region.

Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations students are qualified for internships in a variety of businesses and organizations related to:

  • Real estate
  • Software and computers
  • Retail companies
  • Government agencies
  • Health care and insurance
  • Food service
  • Amusement and entertainment

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