Project and Supply Chain Management

Demand for project and logistics managers is skyrocketing 

From developing a new product to constructing a new building, the list of efforts that organizations must plan, manage, and deliver - ideally on time and under budget - is nearly endless. 

Combine hands-on experience and real-world applications in your classes to prepare for a successful career managing complex operational systems with power technology. 

By simultaneously studying project management and supply chain management in Penn State’s competitive program, you will graduate with a uniquely deep understanding of businesses: 

  • Project management skills include the development of new projects, and coordinating procurement and project delivery systems. 
  • Supply chain management emphasizes the integration of manufacturing and service operations, logistics, purchasing, and distribution that enable organizations to develop value-creating supply chain networks 

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While job titles and industries vary greatly, logisticians are earning a lucrative $76,270 in a field that’s rapidly growing at a rate of 30%, and construction managers report an impressive medial salary of $97,180 and a fast-than-average industry growth rate of 11%. 

Plus, Shenango’s program allows you to simultaneously earn an additional certification with SAP, a supply chain software used across industries. 

You’ll love the Project and Supply Chain Management major if…

  • You are not intimidated by large projects, or ones that have many moving parts
  • You are detail oriented
  • You are excited to earn a competitive salary in an industry that’s expected to grow rapidly
  • You are looking for a versatile, in-demand business degree
  • You are interested in pursuing a concurrent certificate in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with SAP software
Supply chain manager working on computer is warehouse

Project and Supply Chain Management career opportunities 

Shenango’s Project and Supply Chain Management major is one of the few bachelor’s programs in this rapidly growing field. Because of this, you will be uniquely positioned to work in project-intensive industries such as construction, insurance, information technology, manufacturing, utilities, and pharmaceuticals. 

Project manager

Become the driving force behind the success of key projects or programs your organization seeks to accomplish. Day to day, you will align projects with business goals, construct detailed work plans, manage teams, achieve milestones, and communicate the result across a stakeholder audience.

Logistics systems coordinator

Oversee all aspects of supply chain management, ensuring the flow of raw materials and final products from suppliers to retailers and customers. 

Systems, Applications, and Products (SAP) analyst 

Become a professional that determines the SAP software needs of a business. To do this, you will conduct research and analysis on existing systems, applications, and products that the business has in place.

Purchasing agent

Find and purchase products for a company to use or resell. To accomplish this, you will need to identify suppliers; research goods, services and materials; and process purchasing orders.

Inventory or warehouse manager

Oversee the inventory levels of products at your business. You will typically lead a team of inventory or warehouse employees to receive and record new stock as its delivered and shipped out. 

Transportation specialist

Coordinate the movement of goods, products, materials, or people, ensure adherence to industry regulations, and prepare transportation schedules. 

Demand forecaster 

Analyze historical demand and current trends to inform future forecasts for products and services. 

Continuing your education

Earning your Project and Supply Chain Management degree at Penn State can lead to a master's or doctoral degree in the areas of project management, supply chain management, business administration, law, organizational behavior, corporate strategy, enterprise architecture, and information technology. 

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What to expect in the Project and Supply Chain Management major

Penn State’s Bachelor of Science in Project and Supply Chain Management is a demanding program that will simultaneously develop the necessary quantitative and people skills expected from business professionals. 

This program emphasizes the integration of manufacturing, service operations, logistics, purchasing, business analytics, and distribution, all of which enable you to create cost-saving, valuable supply chain networks in your future career. 

Program note: Penn State Shenango shares the Bachelor of Science in Project and Supply Chain Management with Penn State New Kensington, Beaver, Fayette, Greater Allegheny, and Shenango. All courses needed for the degree will be offered at each campus. Students in the program should expect to take some courses via a combination of web-based and face-to-face technology.

SAP Credential 

You have the opportunity to earn an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Certificate with SAP, an enterprise system used in many project and supply chain management roles. 

SAP helps professionals in the field manage the entire supply chain process, from the purchase of raw materials to the distribution of a finished product with multiple touch points in between. Pursuing this additional credential will demonstrate your competence in the field to future employers. 

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At the end of your program, be prepared to hit the ground running with a diploma identical to one earned by a student at the Penn State University Park campus. With one of the most recognized names across the globe, Penn State Shenango gives you the opportunity to earn a respected degree close to home.

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Project and Supply Chain Management major courses

Review the full Project and Supply Chain Management course listing for additional requirements and a sample of the program’s structure.

Supply Chain Management

Develop understanding of supply chain management and how it relates to logistical costs, service trade-offs, transportation, warehousing, the strategic role of information technology in supply chains, and the use of third-party logistics providers. 

Project Planning and Resource Management

Take an in-depth look at project management to develop the ability to accurately plan and schedule projects using the latest and most accurate methods. 

Project Portfolio Management and Organizations

The management of individual projects is a complex, multi-level challenge involving myriad issues of planning, organizing, and controlling all project elements. Project portfolio management addresses the strategic need of project selection in order to develop a balanced portfolio of projects designed to support organizational initiatives. 

Purchasing and Materials Management

Develop a deep understanding of purchasing and how the action relates to the flow of materials and services, keeping inventory at a minimum, maintaining quality standards, obtaining the lowest price, and achieving good external and internal working relationships. 

Logistics Systems Analysis and Design

Discover how customer service, inventory management, transportation, warehousing, purchasing, international affairs, site location planning, and total cost analysis all play critical roles in logistics. 


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