New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation

Welcome to the Penn State family!

We hope you’re as excited about the upcoming year at Penn State Shenango as WE ARE!

New Student Orientation (NSO) consists of three phases. Here’s an overview and links that will take you to more information about each section.

NSO Phase 1

Beginning in March, you’ll complete the online ALEKS Math Placement Assessment from the comfort of your home. Once your test is completed, you’ll be able to make your reservation to attend NSO, beginning April 1. On the date of your choice you will meet with faculty and staff, begin to develop goals for your time at Penn State, learn about campus resources, and schedule courses for your first semester – which includes a discussion of the majors, requirements of the program, and an assessment of your placement results. You will meet individually with an academic advisor to discuss your educational plans.

NSO Phase 2

On the Wednesday before classes start in the fall you will come together with other new students to kick off your new life at Penn State. The orientation program, which is required, prepares you for the academic challenges that lie ahead and will offer resources that will enhance your success as a new Penn State student. Your “Pride Group,” which is comprised of student peer leaders, faculty, staff, and other new students, will be instrumental in acclimating you to the campus and helping you meet other students. The day is designed to ensure an enthusiastic and positive start to your educational journey at Penn State.

NSO Phase 3

First-year students are required to take PSU 008 in their first semester to support their successful transition - academically, socially, and personally - from high school to college. Throughout the semester, students will participate in a combination of group activities, workshops, and individually applied instruction. Faculty, staff, and peers help students gain knowledge and practical skills to enhance academic performance and facilitate integration into campus life.

If you’re applying for financial aid, please be sure to complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Penn State recommends that new students complete their FAFSA before February 15 in order to receive maximum consideration for all aid programs.

The faculty, staff, Division of Undergraduate Studies, and Office of Student Affairs welcome you to Penn State Shenango!