Admissions Requirements

Admissions Requirements

Freshman Admission

Freshman Admission is offered to students who will have obtained their high school diploma or equivalent by the time they start their college education at Penn State. If you are a student who has attended another college or university for fewer than 18 credit hours, taken college courses at another institution while you were still in high school, or taken non-degree courses at a Penn State campus while still in high school, you are considered freshman admission.

Admission decisions for first-year students are made on the basis of several combined factors including:

  • Final grades in all subject areas for years nine, ten, and eleven of high school
  • Weighted average or class rank for students who have taken AP/Honors courses
  • Required Carnegie (high school) units
  • Standardized test scores (SAT or ACT; writing component is not required)

Approximately two-thirds of the decision for each student is based upon the high school grade-point average (GPA). The remaining one-third of the decision is based on other factors, which may include standardized verbal and math test scores, class rank, personal statement, and activities list.

Estimating First-year Student Eligibility for Baccalaureate Majors High School GPA

High school GPA range is based on a 4.0 scale.

High School GPA Middle 50% Range

  • University Park: 3.52-3.97
  • All Other Campuses: 2.94-3.46

Composite SAT Middle 50% Range

  • University Park: 1730-1980
  • All Other Campuses: 1450-1680

Composite ACT Middle 50% Range

  • University Park 24-30

Transfer Admission

Transfer Admission is offered to students who have obtained their high school diploma or equivalent and who have attempted more than 18 successful credit hours at another accredited college or university before starting at Penn State Shenango. Students seeking transfer admission directly to our University Park campus must have successfully completed the equivalent of two years of college-level course work before starting there.

High School Non-Degree Programs

High School Non-Degree Programs are offered to academically superior students who want to take a college credit course or courses at Penn State Shenango. Students must be in their senior year of high school, complete a formal interview process, and present letters of support from their guidance counselor and parents/guardians.