Adult Learners FAQ

Adult Learners FAQ

Is it okay just to take a few courses?

Absolutely. You don't have to work toward a degree to get the benefits and personal satisfaction of taking college courses. If you want to explore college, or are unsure of the subject you would like to study, consider taking one or two courses that interest you. If you have specific career-related educational needs, you may want to enroll in one of Penn State Shenango's certificate programs. 

I didn't do so well the first time I attempted college. What now?

You get a second chance. Following an interruption of four or more calendar years, you can petition for re-enrollment and, with academic renewal, begin calculating a new grade-point average. To determine whether you are eligible to take advantage of this opportunity, review your academic background with an admissions counselor at Penn State Shenango. 

Will I have the chance to get to know other adult learners?

Definitely! At Penn State Shenango, you'll have plenty of opportunities to meet other adult learners, as well as traditional-aged students in classes, study groups, and other activities. Penn State's adult learners often form friendships as well as professional relationships with students of all ages.

What if I need career guidance?

Whether you're interested in developing a career plan, reevaluating your existing plan, preparing a resume, improving your job-search strategies, or identifying prospective employers, Penn State Shenango has a career counselor who can provide you with support and expert advice. Career counselors can help you identify internships and co-ops as well as help you determine which field of employment, or options within a field, will be most satisfying given your interests, abilities, and goals. At many campuses, computer-assisted guidance systems are available to help you explore career possibilities.

Can I get financial aid?

Financial aid for adult learners is available in the form of grants, low-interest loans, scholarships, and work-study employment. Part-time students as well as those attending full-time are equally eligible for financial aid through these programs-aid for part-time study has opened the door for many adult learners to enroll in school. In order to receive aid, you must be enrolled as a degree-seeking student taking at least 6 credits per semester. Penn State Shenango makes it easy to apply for financial aid.