Alice Long

Alice Long
Assistant Professor and Associate Program Adviser, Human Development and Family Studies
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103 McDowell Hall
147 Shenango Avenue
Sharon, PA 16146

    Originally from the mountain west in Idaho, I spent seven years in the geographic south before moving to the area. As a married mother of three, I have lived many of the things that I teach and often use my family and personal experiences in my teaching. I believe this adds a realism to the course material that students would not otherwise have. I am passionate about teaching and using hands-on and real-life experiences when possible.

    As a lifespan development scientist, my primary research interest is in how early life events can influence decisions, behaviors, and illness at future periods of life. My focus is on young adults in the context of the university environment. I have also done research on family relations and adolescent mental health outcomes.

    My firm belief is that no event or experience occurs in isolation. Even as time passes, many experiences still impact our decisions, desires, and well-being. I believe it is my duty, as a human scientist, to explore these issues and share the findings with others for the benefit of society.

    Please see me if you are interested in undergraduate research opportunities.

    Research Interests

    Stress and coping

    Early childhood trauma and adult outcomes

    Risk & Resilience theories and application to intervention programs

    Well-being in adolescence and early adulthood

    Spirituality and Religiosity and psychological outcomes


    Long, A. C. & Elmore-Staton, L. (2018). Sleep stealers: Conflict at home. An extension publication through Mississippi State University.

    Elmore-Staton, L., Spiller, K., & Long, A. C. (Under Review). Sleep: A guide for school-aged children. An extension pamphlet.


    Doctorate in Human Development and Family Studies, Mississippi State University

    Master of Science in Human Development and Family Studies, Mississippi State University

    Bachelor of Science in Child and Family Development, American Public University