Diane Kuharsky

Diane Kuharsky
Assistant Teaching Professor, Science
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109 Forker Lab
147 Shenango Avenue
Sharon, PA 16146

    Dr. Kuharsky earned her bachelor’s degree in biology from Slippery Rock University and clinical doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh. Her clinical residency was completed at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Pittsburgh. Upon graduation, she was a health care provider at St. John's Specialty Care Center in Mars, Pa., where she worked primarily in the skilled nursing setting. She has a variety of research interests and has participated in numerous research studies involving the areas of physical therapy, biomedical research and biological research. She took her first full-time teaching position at Slippery Rock University, remaining there for three years before joining the Shenango campus full-time. Dr. Kuharsky is an advisor for students in the Physical Therapist Assistant program. She teaches courses for students primarily entering the Physical Therapist Assistant, Occupational Therapist Assistant and Nursing programs as well as specific courses for the PTA and OTA programs. She was the recipient of the Teaching Excellence Award in 2013.

    Outside of the classroom, her interests include skiing, hiking and gardening.

    Research Interests

    Physical Therapy

    Biomedical Research

    Biological Science Research


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    Doctor of Physical Therapy, University of Pittsburgh

    Bachelor of Arts in Biology, Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania