Action Plans

Action Plans


  • Evacuate the building using the nearest exit or alternate exit if the nearest exit is blocked
  • Take personal belongings (purse, keys, etc.)
  • Secure any hazardous materials or equipment before leaving
  • Follow the directions of the posted evacuation maps
  • Go to the Evacuation Assembly Point near the front exit away from the building
  • Assist person(s) with disabilities

Bomb Threats

If you receive the bomb threat by telephone:

  • Immediately record the time of the phone call
  • Obtain as much information as possible from the caller, and utilize the issued bomb threat telephone card.
  • Notify University Police
  • University Police will contact the Chancellor
  • The Chancellor or a designee will decide whether to evacuate the building(s)

If the building(s) is/are evacuated, University Police will:

  • Notify all building occupants of the threat and tell them they are free to leave the building, if they wish
  • Post bomb threat warning signs on all doors of the building(s)
  • Follow the bomb threat procedure in accordance with University Policy SY-18 and University Police Policy and Procedure Manual No. 149

Medical Emergencies

  • Alert EMS by calling 911 and Police Services at 724-866-0250
  • Assess the scene for safety
  • Assess the victim
  • Attend to the victim's airway, breathing and circulation

Crime in Progress

  • Be safe. Do not confront the perpetrator
  • Be a good witness
  • Leave the area if your safety is threatened
  • If an active shooter is in the building or on campus, follow the active shooter guidelines


  • Activate the nearest fire alarm pull station and call 911 and Police Services at 724-866-0250
  • Evacuate the building
  • Do NOT enter the building until authorized by emergency personnel

Suspicious Person(s) on Campus

  • Call 911 and Police Services at 724-866-0250
  • Do not physically confront the person
  • Do not let anyone into a locked building or office
  • Do not block the person's access to an exit
  • Provide as much information as possible about the person and their direction of travel or authorities

Hazardous Materials Release

  • If anyone is in danger, call 911 and Police Services at 724-866-0250
  • Move away from the site to an upwind, safe place away from the release site
  • Follow instructions of emergency personnel
  • Alert others to stay clear of the area
  • Notify emergency personnel if you have been exposed or have information about the release

Suspicious Object(s) on Campus

  • Do not disturb the object
  • Call 911 and Police Services 724-866-0250
  • Notify your supervisor
  • Be prepared to evacuate