Publicity and Social Media Form

Fill out this form to request social media, news, and/or photography coverage for events and campus happenings. 


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Event Information
If multiple times, select the first start time of the event, state in the comments at the end of the form that this event has multiple times, and provide the range of times. Or, if the descriptions change for each part of the event, we suggest submitting a Publicity and Social Media Form for each portion of the event.
Go into detail about the who, what, where, when, why, and how. This should be several sentences.
Do you want this event promoted in the campus eNewsletter?

eNewsletter Information

The deadline for eNewsletter submission is the first of every month. Issues are typically sent during the second week of the month.
Digital Signs
Do you want this event promoted on campus televisions?

Digital Sign Information

Requesting digital signage requires you to provide a horizontal file for TV screens. Failing to provide a horizontal file will result in digital signage not running.
Additional Information
Provide any existing flyers, photos, graphics, videos, slides, and the like for this this event or promotion. Up to 10 files can uploaded here.
Upload requirements
If you are requesting publicity in the eNewsletter, digital signage, or on social media, you are required to upload photos or graphics here. Failing to provide art will likely result in cancelation of your publicity request.
Please add additional requests or comments including photography, Penn State Go application, or calendaring needs.
Publicity requests are required to be submitted six weeks prior to the event for full coverage consideration. The publicity request will be completed as various campus communications cycles allow. Requests with photograph submission(s) will be prioritized.