Start your major at Shenango with the 2+2 plan

Some students choose to remain at one campus for all four years, while other students spend their first two years at one campus and transition to another for their remaining two years, like the University Park campus in State College or the Behrend campus in Erie. With 20 Penn State campuses, the options are nearly endless. 

We call it the 2+2 plan and it’s the most common path to a Penn State degree - more than 60% of our students begin their Penn State experience at a commonwealth campus.

Engineering student working on robot

Penn State's 2+2 plan can get you where you want to go

Some choose the 2+2 plan for the chance to stay close to home, while others do it to save money after checking out the cost savings - students who commute to Shenango can save up to $35,000 over two years! 

Others are looking for a particular campus environment, perhaps one that offers smaller classes or a specific sport.

No matter the reason, Penn State is excited to help students be successful in every major and at every campus. 

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What to expect as a 2+2 student

Many of Penn State's degrees can be started at any campus. You will take general education and prerequisite courses for your major before moving to your ending campus to complete your remaining courses. 

Your academic adviser will make sure that you are on track to meet the entrance to major requirements for your chosen degree. These are the same whether you start at University Park or another campus.

Once you enroll at your starting campus, you do not need to reapply for admission when it's time to move to your final campus. Instead, you will work with your academic adviser to complete the change of campus process to move on to your second campus.