Dima Rabadi

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Assistant Professor of Cybersecurity, Information Sciences and Technology
203 Forker Lab
147 Shenango Avenue
Sharon, PA 16146

Dima Rabadi received her Ph.D. in cybersecurity from the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). After obtaining her Ph.D., she joined the cybersecurity department of the Institute for Infocom Research (I2R) as a Research Scientist. During her time in I2R, she handled different R&D malware-related projects between I2R and other public and private sectors, such as the KPMG auditing company and the Centre for Strategic Infocom Technologies (CSIT) company. Her research interests lie primarily in cybersecurity and digital forensics and can be assorted into the following overlapping areas: 1. Adversarial machine learning for digital forensics and cybersecurity, focusing on applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms for malware and malicious behavior detection, and developing new novel antivirus tools. 2. Studying the challenges of detection and forensic analysis of advanced persistent threats for enterprise security. 3. Resilient clock synchronization using power grid voltage, focusing on limiting the impact of asymmetric network delays on the available and widely adopted clock synchronization protocols in computer networks.

Dima Rabadi is passionate about teaching, and she finds teaching an enjoyable part of being a faculty member. Apart from research and education, Dima enjoys traveling, trying food from different countries, hiking, playing soccer, and weightlifting.

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