Matthew DeMaria

Matthew DeMaria
Program Coordinator, Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations
202 Forker Lab
147 Shenango Avenue
Sharon, PA 16146

Matthew is a full-time in the Cyber Security Analytics and Operations program in the College of Information Science and Technology at Penn State Shenango. He has over 20 years of experience working in information technology and academia. He has previously worked for such notable companies as Bank of America, The Walt Disney Company, The University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine, and Pierpont Community and Technical College. Matthew was also a member of a task force whose goal was to foster the growth of the cybersecurity field in West Virginia. He worked directly with several major government agencies including Department of Office Justice, the FBI, and NASA. Professionally, he is a member of InfraGard and regularly participates in conferences and events. Locally, he is working with the LindenPointe Development Corporation to develop a Cybersecurity Center of Excellence to help develop a larger footprint for cybersecurity professionals in the western portion of Pennsylvania. In 2017 Matthew was awarded the National Science Foundation C5 Teaching Fellowship.

Cyber Security

Automotive hacking

Networking and Physical Security hacking

Virtual Reality \ Augmented reality use in education

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Doctor of Education – Instructional Technology, American College of Education (In progress)

Educational Specialist in Instructional Technology, University of Tennessee Knoxville

Master of Science in Information Systems, Marshall University

Bachelor in Business Administration and Management Information Systems, Marshall University