Time capsule unveils glimpse of Shenango campus’ history

Dr. Jo Anne Carrick and Mandy Eagler, SGA president, open the campus' time capsule, while students and board members look on.

Jo Anne Carrick, Penn State Shenango campus director, and Mandy Eagler, Student Government Association president, open the campus' time capsule while students and board members look on.

Credit: Penn State

SHARON, Pa. — It was 45 years ago this past fall that a copper-clad time capsule containing contemporary papers and items was placed in the then-new science building, which was being erected on Penn State's Shenango Valley campus. David Goldberg, then-president of the Penn State Shenango Valley Advisory Board, placed the time capsule in the cornerstone of the science building. Harold Sargent, campus director, and other advisory board members were in attendance at the event.

On Monday, March 28, this same time capsule was extracted from the campus’ science building by Campus Director Jo Anne Carrick, as members of the Student Government Association, Penn State Shenango Advisory Board members, and alumni looked on. Following the removal, the time capsule was opened in the Great Hall where students, faculty, staff and board members listened and watched as each piece of information was carefully opened and read.

Some of the items unveiled include a letter from Sargent, a faculty/staff directory, a letter from the Chairman of the Board David Goldberg, a 1970-71 student handbook, a letter from Sharon Mayor Basil Scott, and several other papers and letters.

“I was very surprised how well the letters, documents and other items stayed preserved these last 45 years,” said Carrick. “Although the time capsule was buried in 1970 and not when the campus first began in 1965, we thought it was the right time to open it as we celebrate our 50th anniversary. A new time capsule, which will be filled with items from our current students, departments, and alumni and advisory boards, will be sealed in our atrium area between our Lecture and Sharon Hall buildings at the end of this semester with the expectation of it being opened in 2065.”

The contents of the time capsule will be on display in the campus' Great Hall. The Shenango campus will continue its 50th anniversary celebration with a Blue & White Gala on Thursday, March 31, at the campus.