Matthew Caputo

Matthew Caputo
Associate Teaching Professor, Engineering
204 Forker Lab
147 Shenango Avenue
Sharon, PA 16146

Dr. Matt Caputo is a native to the Shenango valley, graduating from Farrell Area High School. Dr. Caputo earned a bachelor of science in physics at Clarion University in 2014. From 2014 to 2018, he attended Youngstown State University studying Materials Science and Engineering, where he earned his PhD. During his undergraduate and graduate studies, Dr. Caputo was heavily involved in research activities with his professors. Dr. Caputo feels the opportunity to participate in research, as a student, can be extremely fruitful. Therefore, he would like to provide the same opportunity to any willing student.

Beyond this, Dr. Caputo enjoys outdoor activities, cooking, and baking, with his wife and labradoodle.  

Additive manufacturing (3D printing)

Materials characterization

Shape memory alloys (SMA’s) and ferromagnetic SMA’s

Modeling of mechanical properties as porous structures

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Post-Doctorate Additive Manufacturing and Materials Characterization Research Scientist, Youngstown State University (2018)

PhD in Materials Science and Engineering, Youngstown State University (2018)

Bachelor of Science in Physics, Clarion University (2014)