Chikkanna Selvaraj

Associate Professor, Math
Office Phone: 724-983-2946
Office Location: 316 Sharon Hall
Mailing Address:
147 Shenango Avenue
Sharon, PA 16146

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C.R. Selvaraj is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics in Eberly College of Science.  He received his Ph.D. in Approximation Theory from  Kent  State University, Kent, Ohio.  His Erdős number is 2. (The Erdős number (Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈɛrdøːʃ]) describes the "collaborative distance" between mathematician Paul Erdős and another person, as measured by authorship of mathematical papers.)

MR Erdos Number = 2
Chikkanna R. Selvaraj coauthored with József Szabados 
József Szabados coauthored with Paul Erdős 

In his spare time he enjoys playing chess and solving Rubik’s cube, Ken-Ken and Sudoku. His interest also includes solving problems in The American Mathematical Monthly, The College Mathematics Journal and Mathematics Magazine.

Research Interests
Approximation Theory
Summability Theory