Disability Services

Disability Services

Obtaining academic accommodations

Penn State Shenango welcomes students with disabilities into the University's educational programs. If you have a disability-related need for reasonable academic adjustments, we can help you to receive those adjustments and prepare you to accomplish your academic goals.


First, you must schedule a meeting with Tony Paglia, Disability Coordinator (724-983-2841).  During this meeting, he will review your history and request documentation verifying your disability.  This documentation may include evaluations from your medical doctor, neurologist, psychologist, or psychiatrist, or a high school IEP/Evaluation Report concerning your disability.

You will find information about appropriate documentation for your disability at Penn State's Office of Student Disability Resources website.

Your information must be current. If it is old or outdated, which may vary depending on your diagnosis, you may need to return to your doctor for an update on your condition. For some conditions, this may require retesting.

If your documentation is correct, complete, and updated, according to the website above, you will be approved for academic accommodations.

Receiving accommodations

Once you are approved for academic accommodations, you will receive an Academic Accommodation Letter that includes recommendations for accommodations. You are strongly encouraged to meet with your professors at the beginning of each semester, at which time you may share this letter with them.  Your professors will not be apprised of your diagnosis, which is strictly confidential.

In order to receive the accommodations, you are required meet with each your professors to discuss your needs and how they will be satisfied within the context of each course.  An out-of-class appointment for this discussion will probably be necessary.

Your responsibilities

You are responsible for your own needs! Make sure you contact the Disability Coordinator immediately to obtain the help you need. Be sure to follow up with him to address problems and/or additional needs that may arise during the semester and/or academic year.

You will be responsible for keeping appointments with professors and tutors, if needed. You will also be responsible for the safe return of assistive devices you may borrow from the Lartz Memorial Library.


In most, but not all, cases, your initial documentation will suffice for the entire time you take classes at Penn State Shenango.  At the beginning of each semester, you will need to meet with the Disability Coordinator to review your accommodation letter for the new semester and to receive a copy to share with your professors.

Temporary Impairment

If you become temporarily impaired due to an illness or accident, please contact the Disability Coordinator, who will work to assist students who have short-term special needs during the recuperation process. For more information, please visit Services for Students with Temporary Impairments.

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