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April 2020: What's happening at Shenango?

Check out what's new at the Shenango campus.
Vol 2, Issue 6

Meet Jacob

Jacob Linzenbold sitting at a desk at the Shenango VenturePointe suite at the eCenter@LindenPointe.

Name: Jacob Linzenbold

When did you graduate? Fall 2016

What was your major? Business

What campus did you attend? Penn State Shenango

What were you involved in on campus during your time at Penn State? Business Club

What is your favorite Penn State memory? I was invited to the President’s Tailgate. It was a great opportunity to network with alumni and fellow Penn Staters that were developing innovative business ideas. We got to watch a football game from the president's suite. It was a fun and interesting day that I will always remember fondly.

Why did you choose Penn State? The school’s reputation is great and the location made it a win-win.

Who has made an impact on your life? Why? I can’t boil this down to one person. I had many great instructors who helped me find my path, along with many great friends I made with other students. I came to Penn State after a spinal cord injury, everyone was very welcoming and helped me get back on track during a difficult point in my life.

One surprising fact about yourself: I wanted to be a director as a kid. My friends and I would always film and make skits for school or for fun.

Where are you now? Family life, Location, etc.: I’m located in Sharpsville, PA. I have a very loving and supportive girlfriend and a lab mix that keeps us busy!

What is your proudest professional accomplishment? I enjoy starting things and making them run efficiently. My current position as a business owner of Steel Valley Logistics makes me proud as we’ve grown the business constantly with little to no funding along the way.

Why would you recommend Penn State to future students? The education was great. The students and faculty were welcoming and supportive.

Any advice to current/future students? Try to follow a path of something that really interests you. Setting yourself up for something that you care about will make your education much more fulfilling and your career much more meaningful.

Meet Holly and Ali

Holly Masters and Ali Izzo-Linton wearing t-shirts that read occupational therapy for a more purposeful life.

Name: Holly Masters and Ali Izzo-Linton

When did you graduate? We graduated in December of 2017 and the HDFS Program in December of 2018.

What was your major? We received an associate degree in Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) and a bachelor's degree in Human Development and Family Studies.

What campus did you attend? Penn State Shenango

What were you involved in on campus during your time at Penn State? We were involved in the OTA Club, student government, Lion Ambassador program, the Penn State Shenango Advisory Board, and campus work-study. We participated and staffed events on campus, and were members of the Penn State Honors College.

What is your favorite Penn State memory? Our favorite memory from Penn State Shenango was the opportunity to go to Belize over spring break for a service project. We were able to assist a small village in building composts, new roofing for their schools, and visit the Mayan Ruins.

Why did you choose Penn State? Penn State Shenango was our first choice because it has an exceptional OTA Program, the staff and faculty are invested in our futures, and Penn State University’s amazing alumni association. 

Who has made an impact on your life? Why?

  • Ali: My parents have made an impact on my life through their constant love and support in all that I do.
  • Holly: My family taught me to work hard for what I want and gave me overwhelming support throughout my time at Penn State and after graduating.

One surprising fact about yourself:

  • Ali: I love to travel, almost as much as I love to plan the actual trip. I enjoy taking the time to learn about the culture of the places I will be visiting and finding the best local spots that not everyone knows about!
  • Holly: I love to find new and interesting bakeries and rate their cupcakes. Currently, my favorite cupcake has been from Dolce Vita Desserts, a bakery in State College!

Where are you now? Family life, Location, etc.:

  • Ali: I recently got married, moved into my dream home, and have adopted a dog named Vinny! I am working as a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant for Allegheny Health Network and continuing to grow my business, Purpose Therapy Box. 
  • Holly: I am working as an occupational therapy practitioner for two companies. I have two amazing dogs, and I have a passion for helping the elderly population through my company, Purpose Therapy Box.

What is your proudest professional accomplishment? Our proudest professional accomplishments thus far has been winning The Investment through Penn State and the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest, as well as being recognized by the President of the American Occupational Therapy Association for the innovative and important work we are doing for older adults through our profession and business.  

Why would you recommend Penn State to future students? The connections and community within Penn State are invaluable. You cannot make these friends and contacts at any other school.

Any advice to current/future students? Some advice we would give to current or future students would be to make the most of your time at Penn State. Get involved, make new friends, and most importantly STUDY! It is also important to take advantage of all of the resources that Penn State has to offer and the large network Penn State can provide post-graduation.