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July 2020: What's happening at Shenango?

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Vol 2, Issue 9

Meet Evan

Evan Gruver, admissions counselor

Name: Evan Gruver

What is your role at the Shenango campus? I am responsible for recruiting our incoming students!

How long have you been at Penn State? I started at Shenango in January 2020.

What were you doing before you came to Shenango? Before working at Shenango, I was employed as an admissions counselor at Grove City College for about four years and then Thiel College for about two years.

Tell us about your education: I received by Bachelor's in Economics from Grove City and a Master's in Higher Education from Messiah University (formerly Messiah College).

What attracted you to the Shenango campus? Well, my father and mother both attended Shenango for a time (both are Penn State graduates) as did my brother. So I was very familiar with the campus. I've also been a Penn State fan my whole life, so to be able to recruit for the institution I grew up admiring was an incredible opportunity and honor.

What do you like about the Shenango campus so far? I absolutely love it. Everyone is so kind and helpful. It's really hard to beat the small campus community that Shenango offers.

Who has made an impact on your life? Why? Well I'd have to say Jesus Christ has made a huge impact on me for obvious reasons, but another person is my mother. She really formed me into who I am and really has showed me how to love people regardless of who they are.

One surprising fact about yourself: I ran for school board at 19 years old and won.

What do you enjoy doing outside of the workplace? Outside of work I run a wedding videography business and spend a lot of time volunteering at my church.

What is your proudest professional accomplishment? My proudest professional accomplishment would be that I was selected as a presenter at the annual Pennsylvania Association for College Admission Counseling (PACAC) conference in 2018.

Why would you recommend Penn State Shenango to future students? I always tell students that the value provided by Penn State Shenango is unmatched.  To be able to get a degree with the power of Penn State behind it while doing in a small, intimate environment and at a low cost...you just can't beat that.

Why would you recommend Penn State Shenango to a prospective colleague? The people you work with are awesome. It's just a lot of fun to come to work every day when you know the people you'll run in to are so kind and happy.

If you weren't working in higher education, what would you be doing? If I wasn't working in higher education, I would probably be a full-time rugby coach somewhere.


Meet Dr. Mastrian

Picture of Dr. Kathy Mastrian

Name:  Kathleen Garver Mastrian  

When did you graduate? 1973 

What was your major? Nursing 

What campus(es) did you attend?  I attended Shenango, University Park, Allegheny General (Pittsburgh), and Hershey.

What were you involved in on campus during your time at Penn State?  I did not participate in clubs or organized activities, as I always had a part-time job and the nursing program required us to change locations frequently. I did attend sports events and concerts.  

What is your favorite Penn State memory? I cherish the life-long friends I made in the nursing program.   

Why did you choose Penn State? Honestly, I chose Penn State because there was a branch in Sharon. I could attend there my first year and save the cost of living on campus.   

One surprising fact about yourself: I was one of two Shenango faculty members who also attended the campus as a student.  

Where are you now? Family life, Location, etc.: I live in South Pymatuning Township near Sharpsville, PA.  I have been married to the same man for nearly 44 years and together we have raised two children. Both of our children are Penn State graduates.  

What is your proudest professional accomplishment? My proudest professional accomplishment is the ongoing publication and revision of two informatics textbooks. The fifth edition of Nursing Informatics and the Foundation of Knowledge will be published in early 2021 and the second edition of Informatics for Health Professionals was released in 2020. I am also the Senior Managing Editor of the Online Journal of Nursing Informatics.  

Why would you recommend Penn State to future students? Yes, absolutely. I always say, “You will never be sorry. You have a Penn State degree.” 

Any advice to current/future students? Have a specific goal and study hard to achieve it. Pay attention to the debt you are incurring so that you can enjoy life when you have finished.  


Meet Ty

Ty Cole director of development and alumni relations

Name: Ty Cole

When did you graduate? I earned a bachelors degree in 2018. I am currently taking classes through Penn State World Campus to obtain a masters degree in public administration.

What was your major? Corporate Communications

What campus did you attend? Beaver

What were you involved in on campus during your time at Penn State? Baseball, Basketball, Peer Leader, Student Government President, Blue & White Society, Student Newspaper, and Lion Ambassadors

What is your favorite Penn State memory? The summer heading into my junior year I was able to attend a Student Leadership Conference at Penn State Behrend with other students from other campuses. It was just a solid week with friends, experiences, and networking! I still talk to a ton of people I met at that conference and I learned a ton about how to lead at the campus the level.

Why did you choose Penn State? I played one year of Division II baseball for my freshman year of college. The baseball was great, but I wanted more from my college experience. Penn State for sure gave me that! I knew I could get a solid education, continue playing baseball, and be more involved in campus life.

Who has made an impact on your life? Why? Paul Clifford the CEO of the Penn State Alumni Association. When I interned at University Park the summer right after graduation, I worked directly under him. I was able to learn so much from Paul in a short amount of time. Some of my best memories of working for Penn State have been with Paul. He’s been a tremendous mentor and friend to me.

One surprising fact about yourself: I’ve traveled to twelve states as a fundraiser for Penn State!

Where are you now? Family life, Location, etc.: I am the Director of Development and Alumni Relations for Penn State Shenango. I have an apartment in Hermitage and really enjoying my time in the Shenango Valley.

What is your proudest professional accomplishment? The job I am in now! I knew when I graduated from Beaver I wanted to work for a commonwealth campus in some capacity. I have a great situation where I am with incredible support around me.

Why would you recommend Penn State to future students? I would recommend Penn State because of the ability to be a part of a special group of people while you’re in college and when you graduate. Penn Staters truly make an impact on the world.

Any advice to current/future students? Get involved and use the power of the Penn State network!