Shenango students and employees recognized at annual award ceremony

Group of students pose for photo holding an award

Members of the Penn State Shenango Student Government Association pose with their club recognition award at the campus' annual Award Ceremony and Honors Convocation, held Thursday, May 2, at the Avalon Country Club at Buhl Park.

Credit: Penn State

SHARON, Pa. — Penn State Shenango students and employees were recognized at the 2024 Award Ceremony and Honors Convocation, held at the Avalon Country Club at Buhl Park on Thursday, May 2. The annual Honors Convocation celebrates the outstanding academic and student life achievements of the campus' students, faculty and staff. 

Photos from the evening can be downloaded from Penn State Shenango's Flickr photo gallery. 

Academic recognition 

The President Walker Award 

The President Walker Freshman Award is presented annually to undergraduate candidates who have earned a 4.0 cumulative grade-point average (GPA) based on at least 12 graded Penn State credits completed during their first semester of admission. 

  • Rylie Francis 
  • Josiah McCoy 
  • Mia Pisano 
  • Cory Roch 
  • Jacob Werner 

The President Sparks Award 

The President Sparks Award is presented annually to undergraduate students who have earned a 4.0 cumulative GPA based on at least 36 graded Penn State credits completed by the end of the fall semester of the academic year in which the award is given. 

  • Juliea Cain 
  • Karson Cropp 
  • Lillie Holt 
  • Cassandra McNeely 
  • Pilar Mischillo 
  • Ashley Parish 

The Robert Weber Mathematics Award 

The Robert Weber Mathematics Award is presented annually to the most promising Shenango math student and honors the late Robert Weber, who taught math at the Shenango campus. 

  • Mia Pisano 

The Margaret Cunningham Foley Memorial Teaching Award 

  • George Fleet 

Teaching Excellence Award 

  • Geralyn Wallace 

Honors Program 

The honors certificate is awarded to several of the students in the Honors Program who have fulfilled the program requirements and have maintained an excellent GPA. 

  • Michael Horstman 
  • Kylie Jackson 
  • Mackenzie Lambert 

Lambda Pi Eta 

Lambda Pi Eta (LPH) is the National Communication Association’s official honor society at four-year colleges and universities. Honors cords for graduation are awarded to graduating seniors in LPH that have upheld the academic goals of the chapter and shown outstanding dedication to the group. 

  • Gianna Effinite 
  • Brooke Lees 

Academic Achievement Awards 

Recognized for outstanding academic achievement, this award is presented to students with cumulative GPAs of 3.5 and above. 

  • Michael Bayuk 
  • Megan Bourne 
  • Nicholas Chagnon 
  • Josh Cidila 
  • Alex Davis 
  • Gianna Effinite 
  • Emily Filicky 
  • Delaney Hempseed 
  • Michael Horstman 
  • Aileen Lewis 
  • Bailey Lopuchovsky 
  • Cole Micsky 
  • Karley Nelson 
  • Ashley Poghen 
  • Christa Sellards 
  • Sabrina Simonette 
  • Emma Tidswell 
  • Susan West 
  • Cameron Williams 

High Academic Achievement Awards 

The Shenango campus High Academic Achievement Awards are presented to those students in each college or degree program who have achieved the best cumulative GPA during the academic year. 

  • Behavioral Health: Jessica Divens 
  • Biology: Sergio Spadafora 
  • Business: Jenna Piccirilli 
  • Computer Science: Michael Myers 
  • Corporate Communication: Brooke Lees 
  • Criminal Justice: Mackenzie Lambert, Kaleb Kowacich 
  • Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations: Erika Ortiz Rangel 
  • Finance: Lillie Holt, Kylie Jackson 
  • Health Policy and Administration: Dylan Stull 
  • Human Development and Family Studies: Abigail Hodge 
  • Materials Engineering: Grace Marhulik 
  • Mechanical Engineering: Karson Cropp 
  • Multidisciplinary Studies: Ella Paknis 
  • Nursing: Julia Cain, Ashley Parish 
  • Psychology: Pilar Moschillo 
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant: Cassandra McNealy 
  • Physical Therapist Assistant: Marissa Martyna, Anna Merkulova 

Student Leadership Recognition 

Allied Health Club 

  • President Shae Kanan 
  • President and Treasurer Garrett Hamrick 
  • Vice President Fidaa Daralhaj 
  • Vice President Jade Nguyen 
  • Treasurer Breanna Stanley 
  • Secretary Aileen Lewis 

Black Student Union 

  • President Daniel Hughley III 
  • Vice President Aneziah Fryer 
  • Treasurer Jeremiah Green 
  • Secretary Garrett Hamrick 

Cheer Club 

  • President Ella Paknis 
  • Vice President Amaris Newell 
  • Vice President Megan Bourne 
  • Treasurer Abigail Hodge 
  • Secretary Kylie Jackson 

Communications Club 

  • President Gianna Effinite 
  • Vice President Ligaya Kurelko 
  • Treasurer Brooke Lees 
  • Secretary Ella Paknis 

Cybersecurity Club 

  • President Josh Marshall 
  • Vice President Gabe Lewis 
  • Treasurer Corey Veres 
  • Secretary Erika Ortiz Rangel 

Fitness Club 

  • President Mohamed Kanan 
  • Vice President John Perry 
  • Treasurer Lucas Miller 
  • Secretary Taylor Geiwitz 

International Cultures Club 

  • President Shae Kanan 
  • Vice President Cole Micsky 
  • Treasurer Fidaa Daralhaj 
  • Treasurer Josh Marshall 
  • Secretary Luke Atterholt 

Occupational Therapy Assistants’ Club 

  • President Ellie McCombs 
  • Vice President Adyson Kratko 
  • Treasurer Megan Bourne 
  • Secretary Sabrina Simonette 

Physical Therapy Assistants’ Club 

  • President Sarah Hammond 
  • Vice President Karley Nelson 
  • Treasurer Katelyn Frew 
  • Secretary Emma Tidswell 

REC Club 

  • President Cole Micsky 
  • Vice President Luke Atterholt 
  • Treasurer Karson Cropp 
  • Secretary John Perry 

STEM Club 

  • President Michael Myers 
  • Vice President Grace Haggard 
  • Treasurer and Secretary Mia Pisano 
  • Treasurer Mason Caszatt 
  • Secretary Morgan Book 

Student Veterans Association 

  • President Ryan Ford 
  • Vice President Corey Veres 
  • Treasurer Christina Boren 
  • Secretary Taylor Geiwitz 

Tabletop Gaming Club 

  • President Alex Weimer 
  • President John Stephenson Jr. 
  • Vice President Grace Haggard 
  • Treasurer Mia Pisano 
  • Secretary Leo Staples 

Student Government Association 

  • President Daniel Hughley III 
  • Vice President Shae Kanan 
  • Treasurer Kylie Jackson 
  • Secretary Brooke Lees 
  • Chief of Staff Karson Cropp 
  • Senator-at-Large Luke Atterholt 
  • Senator-at-Large Jeremiah Green 
  • Senator-at-Large Garrett Hamrick 
  • Senator-at-Large Abigail Hodge 
  • Senator-at-Large Lillie Holt 
  • Senator-at-Large Josh Marshall 
  • Senator-at-Large Cole Micsky 
  • Senator-at-Large Ella Paknis 
  • Senator-at-Large John Perry 
  • Senator-at-Large Gabrial Yanssens 
  • Athlete Representative Gianna Effinite 

Leadership Awards 

Lion Leaders 

  • Josh Cidila 
  • Karson Cropp 
  • Gianna Effinite 
  • Emily Filicky 
  • Aneziah Fryer 
  • Sarah Hammond 
  • Abigail Hodge 
  • Michael Horstman 
  • Ellie McCombs 
  • Mya McNevin 
  • Cole Micsky 
  • Michael Myers 
  • Ella Paknis 
  • Emma Tidswell 
  • Christine Wheaton 

The Ann Wansack Award 

This award was made in memory of Penn State Shenango employee Ann “Mom” Wansack and her devotion to the students of the Shenango campus. The purpose of this award shall be to honor and recognize full-time students enrolled at Penn State Shenango who are actively involved, through leadership or participation, in the betterment of Penn State Shenango. 

  • Karson Cropp 
  • Michael Myers 
  • Mia Pisano 

The Eric and Josephine Walker Award 

The Eric and Josephine Walker Award recognizes Commonwealth Campus students whose outstanding qualities of character, scholarship, leadership and citizenship have been directed into programs and services that have positively influenced fellow students and have contributed to the prestige and well-being of their campus and, hence, to the reputation of the University as a whole. 

  • Lillie Holt 

Club Advisor of the Year 

  • Phil Nash 

Spirit of Shenango Award 

This award is given to an individual that genuinely cares about other students, faculty, staff and the surrounding community of Penn State Shenango. This person embodies the motto, “small campus with a big heart.” 

  • Matthew Nunez 

Staff Member of the Year 

This award recognizes Penn State Shenango staff members who demonstrate outstanding service to the University, our students and the broader community. 

  • Erika Jones 

Programming Excellence Award 

This award recognizes innovative and outstanding achievement in the planning and presentation of a program by a student organization, group/class project, committee or an individual. 

  • SGA Events 

Unsung Hero Award 

The Unsung Hero Award recognizes a student who works behind- the-scenes of a successful recognized student organization, athletic team, group/class project or committee. This award is given to a student who consistently gives their all, going above and beyond the call of duty on a regular basis without expectation of recognition. 

  • Shae Kanan 

Emerging Leader of the Year 

This award is presented to a student with less than 45 credits who has contributed significantly to the Penn State Shenango community through their involvement in a campus organization, athletic team or a community service program. They must also show significant potential for continued leadership and civic engagement. 

  • Corey Veres 

Student Leader of the Year 

The Student Leader of the Year award recognizes a student who has demonstrated excellence in academic growth and achievement, as well as excellence in campus and community engagement and has made a contribution to the Penn State Shenango community through their leadership and participation in campus programs, organizations and activities. 

  • Cole Micsky