10th annual 'Stamp Out Stigma' to spotlight trauma recovery in mental health

Jamie Marich holding a microphone and speaking with the Stamp Out Stigma logo overlayed

Clinical trauma specialist and author Jamie Marich will speak at the 10th annual Stamp Out Stigma mental health awareness event at Penn State Shenango on Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2023.

Credit: Penn State

Sharon, Pa. — For its 10th annual Stamp Out Stigma mental health awareness event, Penn State Shenango is focusing on trauma, emotional woundedness, and restorative therapies during a program to be held in the campus’ Great Hall at 12:15 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 11. 

This year’s Stamp Out Stigma keynote speaker is clinical trauma specialist and TEDx speaker, Jamie Marich, presenting “Healing the Wounds that Make Us Human.” Marich describes herself as a facilitator of transformative mental health experiences and uses many different elements such as art, writing, yoga and mindfulness to inspire healing in those who suffer from the effects of emotional trauma. Marich is the founder of The Institute for Creative Mindfulness and is also the author of books such as “Trauma Made Simple,” “Trauma and the 12 Steps,” “Process Not Perfection,” and most recently, “Dissociation Made Simple.” 

Rounding out the panel of speakers will be the founder and co-coordinator of Stamp Out Stigma, Jack Luchette, class of 2014, as well as Shenango’s campus counselor Tony Paglia. 

"The word ‘trauma’ simply means ‘wound,’ and as human beings we all experience wounds, particularly emotional ones. The impact of walking wounded can lead to maladaptive behaviors and beliefs about ourselves that impact our lives over and over again,” Paglia said. “The good news is that effective trauma treatment is available, and recovery is possible. When we have conversations about mental health that acknowledge woundedness as something that is common, we can empower ourselves and others to think of mental health as an important facet of our overall health care.” 

The Stamp Out Stigma event is free and open to the public. Registration is not required. 

For more information about this event, please contact Tony Paglia at [email protected] or 724-983-2841. To learn more about Jamie Marich, visit drjamiemarich.com