Student Government Association

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA)  is a representative voice of the student body in the campus’ governance system.

Association's responsibilities

  • Provide a forum for student concerns
  • Oversee funding for on-campus clubs and organizations
  • Implement recreational and entertainment programs

Personal benefits

  • Develop leadership and management skills
  • Gain experience that is transferable to the workplace
  • Voice opinions on issues

SGA consists of representatives elected from the Penn State Shenango student body.  Freshman, sophomore, overall representatives and senators at large represent the academic classes. These representatives maintain a direct link with students and campus faculty and administrators. The SGA elected officials include president, vice president, and secretary. The SGA treasurer is a position appointed by the Student Affairs staff.

Elections are conducted in the fall and spring, at which time senators and executive board members are elected to represent students.

Meetings are open to all Shenango students. However, you must be an SGA member to vote and you must be on the agenda to speak at the meeting. Meetings are held on Mondays at common hour.

SGA Activities

SGA Activities are designed to offer a wide variety of activities to the entire campus community. 

Activities include

  • Support the many and varied campus clubs and organizations through funding appropriations
  • Greet new students through various welcoming activities
  • Conduct Student Government Association elections
  • Help to select campus entertainment
  • Participate on various campus committees
  • Sponsor activities to promote campus clubs and organizations
  • Sponsor various campus events to meet student needs (i.e. meet and greets, free pizza days, Back to School Bash and Pre Exam Jam)
  • Oversee the PAW student discount program

For more information about getting involved in SGA, contact Jammie Clark or Andy Puleo