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Specialize in health care

Launching in 2021, Penn State Shenango's health policy and administration program prepares students to concentrate their studies on management or data analysis.

SHARON, Pa. — Penn State Shenango will launch four new majors to prepare students for local, state and national occupational demands. Corporate communications, criminal justice, cybersecurity analytics and operations, and health policy and administration will join Shenango’s offerings starting in fall 2021.

“These new majors complement Penn State Shenango’s existing business and health care offerings to empower students when choosing the program that best fits their strengths and interests,” said Campus Director Jo Anne Carrick.

Data from the U.S. Census Bureau reports health care, computer science and management occupations among the highest paid jobs in Mercer, Lawrence, Trumbull and Mahoning counties.

“Families know the importance of their children earning a degree, but many may be facing financial uncertainty right now,” said Director of Enrollment Chuck Greggs. “Penn State Shenango offers families an incredible value with lower tuition and our competitive ‘$3,000 for a 3.0 GPA’ scholarship program.”

Penn State’s application for fall 2021 is now open. For help applying or for more information about any majors, future students should contact the Admissions Office at or by calling 724-983-2803.

Health policy and administration

Now more than ever, the importance of quality health care access is a global focus. In response to this demand, the health policy and administration program will prepare students for management and policy positions in the health care field.

“I’ve always wanted to help people, so I started college in a health science major and realized it wasn’t the right fit for me,” said sophomore Kaitlyn Roseski. “I worked with advising to evaluate my interests, and we found that health policy and administration would be the perfect way to play into my strengths while still helping my community.”

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that medical and health service manager occupations are increasing much faster than average at a rate of 18% by 2028, creating a critical need for qualified professionals who can handle the management, business and policy aspects of the field.

Classes will allow students to specialize in health services management and health data analysis. Health services managers might manage a facility, department or program; while health analysts gather, compile and analyze data for health providers, payers and policymakers.

All health policy and administration students complete an internship in a health care setting, giving them valuable experience and contacts in the industry.

“If a student is excited by the health care industry but wants to work in an administrative or management roles, health policy and administration is a great major,” said Maureen Dunn, assistant teaching professor in nursing and health policy administration.

About Penn State Shenango

Penn State Shenango provides an affordable and accessible education, while prioritizing the academic quality and rigor expected at Penn State. The Shenango campus is located in Sharon, midway between Erie and Pittsburgh, near the Ohio border.

The Shenango campus offers 14 undergraduate degree programs to 400 students, in addition to a master of science in nursing. The campus also offers the first two years of study leading to more than 275 majors offered throughout the University — this path is called the 2+2 plan.