Campus Directory | Faculty

Title Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Jodi Gill [email protected]
Lecturer, Criminal Justice
Ross Administration Building, Penn State Beaver 724-773-3898
Venise Abell [email protected]
Lecturer, Art
Lauren Altenburger [email protected] 101 McDowell Hall 724-983-2979
Valerie Amrhein [email protected]
Elaine Andrews [email protected]
Assistant Director, Academic Affairs
Associate Teaching Professor, English
Coordinator, SHARC Learning Center
205 Sharon Hall 724-983-2827
Lynette Angood [email protected]
Lecturer, Math
Roxanne Atterholt [email protected]
Associate Teaching Professor, Program Coordinator, and Adviser, Human Development and Family Studies
106 McDowell Hall 724-983-2953
Tiffany L Bale [email protected] Chadderton Lab
Karen Barr [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor, Project and Supply Chain Management
Ross Administration Building, Penn State Beaver 724-773-3869
Roger Beltz [email protected]
Lecturer, Science
Lisa Bertin [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor, Business
324 Lecture Hall 724-983-2908
Deborah Brennan [email protected]
Reference & Instruction Librarian, Lartz Memorial Library
101D Lartz Memorial Library 724-983-2877
James Brenneis [email protected]
Instructor, Math
107 Forker Lab 724-983-2957
Justin Campbell [email protected]
Lecturer, Communications
Matthew Caputo [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor, Engineering
204 Forker Lab 724-983-2947
Carol Cowan-Crawford [email protected] 102 McDowell Hall 724-983-2904
Tammy d'Artenay [email protected]
Associate Teaching Professor and Adviser, Science
121 Forker Lab 724-983-2962
Gizelle Dean [email protected]
Associate Teaching Professor, Program Coordinator, and Adviser, Physical Therapist Assistant
210 Forker Lab 724-983-2867
Matthew DeMaria [email protected]
Program Coordinator, Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations
202 Forker Lab 724-983-2810
Amy Deuink [email protected]
Head Librarian, Lartz Memorial Library
101 Lartz Memorial Library 724-983-2880